Whatever it is, I'm sure I'll kill it by Tuesday.

Some people are born with a green thumb and some, like me, struggle to keep things alive. I'm working on it though. My husband and I just moved into a house last fall and we've got gorgeous plants in the flowerbeds out front. Although we lost a few, the others appear to be doing well (knock on wood). That being said, plants inside the house can be very decorative and can also help combat season affective disorder in the winter. Now, I've never had plants in my house before, but many people do.

And like anything else on this earth, there is a favorite in the state of Colorado.

House Beautiful compiled data from Next Day Blinds and Google Trends to determine the "Most Popular Houseplants in Each State." Essentially it's the houseplant that pops up in online searches the most. For me, that search would most likely be "How to keep _______ alive."

Colorado loves a good Basil plant. It seems a little odd, but being a great source of delicious food and incredible beer/cocktail pairings, maybe this isn't so crazy after all. Do you grow your own herbs? Is basil a staple in your home?

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