When that crazy storm hit us on Saturday, you might have thought it was a bit different than other storms. And you would be right.

Those sheets of heavy rain and the mighty gusts of wind were actually historic for Colorado.

Center For Severe Weather Research Scientists Search For Tornadoes To Study
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This type of weather event is known as a Derecho. According to CBS Denver, a Derecho is a long line of severe thunderstorms that must be at least 60 miles wide and travel more than 400 miles. Historically, Derechos happen in the Midwest. Far eastern parts of Colorado may only see them once every four years.

This weekend's storm was one of only three Derechos that have been documented as starting from the western Rocky Mountains. This one started in Utah and fizzled out in South Dakota.

Nick Brown was able to capture the moment a tree split and fell on a car:

Some parts of the storm were traveling at 100-120 miles per hour in Western Colorado. The storm also brought category 3 hurricane-force winds to Winter Park, topping out at 110 mph.

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