Summer is mostly enjoyable in Colorado, but some days are more uncomfortable than others. Many Coloradans have central air conditioning, but for many, the idea of central air conditioning seems like a luxury.

I do not have central air conditioning at my home. If I owned my home I would get it installed in a heartbeat, but I rent and do not have the option to upgrade.

I try to maximize the capabilities that my window air conditioner provides with countless fans to circulate the air, but unfortunately, it is not effective when the temperature goes past 90 degrees.

Hottest Temperature Ever Recorded in Colorado


It feels like each summer gets more warm. One could speculate that we could break the record this year.

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The highest temperature recorded in Colorado happened recently. Back in 2019, John Martin Dam reached 115 degrees. The dam is located in southeast Colorado, about 25 miles away from Lamar.

Believe it or not, Colorado's hottest temperature is less drastic than other states. For example, California has the hottest temperature ever recorded at 134 degrees, followed by 121, and 120 degrees in other states in the country.

Coldest Temperature Ever Recorded in Colorado

I believe life is easier when you are too cold compared to being too warm. However, -61 degrees sounds miserable.

That was a reality for Maybell, Colorado back in 1985.

Hottest Month of the Year in the World


The hottest month of the year is typically in July. Last July we had the hottest month ever recorded in history. It was the hottest month since 1880, according to NASA.

When we think of July in Colorado we think about the Fourth of July, spending time with our family, and standing in front of a fan at all times.

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