Have you been ordering this during the pandemic?

When lockdown first hit, I believe several of us thought we were going to starve. I mean, I have a working knowledge of what happens in the kitchen, but many of us relied on restaurants to keep ourselves nourished. Luckily, takeout options have remained available. Aside from being a source of sustenance, those sacks have been a wonderful way to support local businesses serving up our favorite dishes.

Recently Yelp rounded up some data on what we've been ordering and the most popular item in our state seems... odd.

In their list of "The Most Popular Delivery Order Unique to Every State During COVID-19", they said Colorado has been ordering a lot of Crab Rangoons. Now, don't get me wrong, crab rangoons are delicious, but these are the most popular food item that has been delivered to our doors in our state? Are we sure?

I thought we'd be ordering tacos or pizza or wings.

Correct me if I'm wrong, please. If you've order crab rangoons even just one time in this pandemic, tell me. And with that being said, tell us where to get the best crab rangoons in Colorado. Maybe I'm just missing out on the best rangoons of my life and that's why this all seems fishy... Or, I guess crustacean-y.

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