Homeownership is becoming less common in Colorado. A big reason for that is that being a first-time homebuyer can feel extremely daunting.

Interest rates are continuing to skyrocket. Not only are interest rates making Colorado less affordable, but the cost of living for nearly everything is growing at a rapid rate.

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I hear the joke all the time about how the only way millennials could buy a home is if they bought it when they were 12.

It's a funny joke, but it highlights the major issue with homeownership in Colorado.

We reached out to Colorado homeowners to see what is the most stressful part of homeownership and this is what you said.

Top 10 Most Frustrating Things About Homeownership According to Coloradans

We reached out to you on Facebook and here are the most annoying things about owning a home in Colorado.

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You Should Not Purchase a New Home Right Now


While interest rates are going up, home values are going down. Most homes in Colorado have lost $15,000 in the past year.

I agree with most. Property taxes are killing us and forcing people to move out of state. - Andy Davidson

Andy has a point, Unfortunately, many Coloradans are leaving. It may be surprising to hear, but more people moved out of Colorado than moved in.

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Will Change Be Coming Soon?


It is hard to tell. I wish I had a time machine so I could look. Something is going to happen because despite many people leaving Colorado, the population is still going to grow. In fact, it is predicted that the Front Range will add 1.6 million new residents by 2050.

The Most Miserable Cities in Colorado

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