Did you know that porch light colors have different meanings for homes in Colorado? Porch light colors can be a way to celebrate special holidays, for fun, or for causes that you care about.

I would love to get Govee lights for outside my home. The lights wrap around your home and you can customize the lights directly on an app.

They also have holiday themes such as Christmas, Halloween, and Easter. That means no more judgment for keeping your holiday lights for the full year.

You may see red porch lights at Colorado homes this month and there is a reason for it.

Red Porch Lights in Colorado: What It Means

May 4 is International Firefighters Day. The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation encouraged Americans to have a bright red porch light at their homes during the month of May.

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Just this year alone, there have been 24 firefighter fatalities across the country. These firefighters were on duty and passed away while keeping their communities safe. Since 2000, 32 firefighters in Colorado have lost their lives while on duty.

Wildfires On the Rise in Colorado


75% of the biggest wildfires in Colorado's history have happened in the past 9 years. The biggest fire, Cameron Peak burned over 200,000 acres of Colorado land in 2020, according to the Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control.

Firefighters have been more busy than ever. We appreciate all of the hard work and sacrifices they have made to ensure our safety in Colorado.

We suggest that you install a red porch light this month to honor firefighters across the state and the nation.

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