This has been discussed and talked about for over a year and now it's official. Mt Evans, the famous Colorado 14'er standing tall at 14,264 feet is getting a new name and that new name is going to be Mt Blue Sky.

The final decision was made after considering five proposals which also included Mount Cheyenne-Arapaho, Mount Soule, Mount Rosalie, keeping Mount Evans, and of course Mount Blue Sky.

Right now, the name change has been passed on the county level, the next step is it going through the governor's office and eventually the federal level. There aren't expected to be any issues stopping the name change which looks to take effect by the end of the year.

The next question is probably, why the name change? Well, the mountain was named after old Colorado Territory Governor John Evans, who has faced criticism over the years for his role in the Sand Creek Massacre and his brutal treatment of Native Americans.

In 1864, he ordered a bunch of attacks on a peaceful Native American encampment that resulted in hundreds of deaths. Evans was eventually kicked out of office after a federal investigation busted him of trying to cover up the massacre. Yeah...not a nice guy at all.

So perhaps sooner than later, instead of driving on the Mt Evans Scenic Byway, which is the highest paved road in the United States, you'll be driving on the Mt Blue Sky Scenic Byway.

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