This is not a drill.

In April, fans of popular cookie shop, Crumbl Cookies were disappointed (to say the least) to find out that their go-to stop for cookies would be getting rid of one particular beloved, classic cookie...

The pink sugar cookie.

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The reason? Crumbl Cookies Co-Founder and CEO Jason McGowan shared the above video when the news broke earlier this year, saying that demand for the cookie wasn't meeting the store's growth and that it ultimately was time to make way for other new cookies to shine.

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"As we seek more opportunities to create the best cookies in the world, that means we have to leave other cookies behind to make room for new and exciting ones... that being said, it's time for one cookie to leave the weekly menu that hasn't been keeping up with our growth."

Fans of Crumbl's pink sugar cookie have been mourning the loss of this staple weekly flavor for months... until now.

The Classic Pink Sugar Cookie Returns To Crumbl Cookies

On Sunday night (Aug. 28), I was minding my own business when I suddenly received this lifechanging notification -


In the midst of waking up from an evening power nap, I did a double take only to see that my eyes were not, in fact, deceiving me.

Crumbl Cookies just brought back their iconic, classic, pink sugar cookie - and apparently, it's back better than ever. 

The "new and improved" pink sugar cookie was officially placed back on Crumbl's menu as a weekly staple on Monday, Aug. 29. *screams internally*.

Crumbl Cookies Introduces New Mystery Flavored Cookie

Not only did Crumbl bring the OG cookie back, but they're also rolling out a new one, too.

"With the NEW Pink Sugar taking the place of the fifth rotating flavor, we are also excited to roll out MYSTERY COOKIE", which officials say will be featured as a unique seventh flavor on a surprise week every month.

Now that you're craving cookies, check out Crumbl's weekly flavor lineup below for the week of Aug. 29:

Crumbl Cookies Northern Colorado Locations

Looking for your nearest Crumbl Cookies? Luckily, Northern Colorado is home to three locations:

  • Fort Collins - 3300 S College Ave. Ste 120 (located in the Foothills) 
  • Johnstown - 4948 Thompson Pkwy
  • Greeley -  4421 Centerplace Dr B (located in Centerplace) 

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