There aren't many movie props as famous as the one that Jack Nicholson wielded in the famous scene from 'The Shining;" that axe has finally found its 'forever home.'

That iconic "Here's Johnny!" scene from 'The Shining' where Jack Torrance is trying to kill his wife while she hides in the bathroom is horror film gold. I wrote a story in 2021 about what happened to that axe, after the filming.

Long story short: one of the prop persons on the set took that axe home and used it around his yard. Planet Hollywood bought the axe from that person, and put it on display. The axe was auctioned off in 2019 for about $200,000 to an unknown collector.

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Now, that collector has gifted the axe to The Stanley Hotel Complex's $40 million The Stanley Film Center. Expected to open in 2024, the film center will also have a museum covering multi-genres of movies, including 'Horror.' This will be where that axe, that I've personally named, 'Axelrod,' will be located.

The Stanley says that they will make 'Axelrod' a part of The Stanley tours until the Film Center opens.

Other Horror Props that The Stanley Film Center Could Put on Display:

  • The one bag of leaves used in the filming of 1978's 'Halloween.'
  • The original mask worn in 'Friday the 13th.'
  • An M56 Smart Gun from 'Aliens.'
  • A knife from 'Psycho.'
  • Hannibal Lector's mask from 'Silence of the Lambs.'
  • A transporter pod from 1986's 'The Fly.'

This center will be a huge tourist attraction for Estes Park, and Colorado. As a movie buff, I look forward to fighting traffic to see it.


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