Earlier this year, my coworker decided to sort Northern Colorado cities into Top Gun characters. Looking at the unique characteristics of the Front Range towns, he determined that Viper is LaPorte, Goose is Loveland, Slider is Greeley, Charlie is Estes Park, Iceman is Timnath, and Fort Collins is Maverick.

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While I love the concept, I have never seen Top Gun (please don't judge me). So, I decided to try this exercise with one of my favorite shows of all time: The Office.

Maybe you're one of the rare few who isn't a fan of the NBC hit, but I have a feeling that, if you clicked on this article, you are. And, as all fans know, each time you watch the show, the characters start to feel like personal friends.

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It becomes easy to imagine what The Office would be like if it took place in Northern Colorado instead of Scranton, Pennsylvania. But let's take it a little further (or weirder?) and see which Front Range town best embodies each character in the series.

Now, I know The Office is a semi-raunchy comedy that doesn't always present its characters in the best light. However, with the exception of Jan, I feel each character has redeeming qualities that make them (mostly) loveable.

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Still, just like the show, this article is in jest. With that disclaimer out of the way, here are 11 Northern Colorado cities as characters on The Office:

That's What...We Said? 11 Northern Colorado Cities as Characters From 'The Office'

If you've watched The Office as many times as I have, then you know that each character can feel like an old friend. It's easy to imagine the show taking place in Northern Colorado instead of Scranton, but what if towns on the Front Range were characters from the show? Read on to see 11 Northern Colorado cities as characters from The Office.

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