Apparently the holidays are about family... and patience.

The holiday season is here and for many of us, that means gathering together with loved ones for quality time and making memories. I have a large extended family that I love getting together with each Christmas. There are always about 50 of us from age six months to 85. It's loud, it's rambunctious. It's family.

And I love it!

There are others however, who kind of cringe a bit when they think of spending time with their family through the holidays. It could be that not everyone gets along or that you just find yourself getting annoyed. It's totally fine to get a little Grinchy over the holidays. In fact, a recent survey says it doesn't take long for you to get a little irked with your loved ones.

Less than four hours is all it takes.

The survey was conducted by Motel 6 just ahead of Thanksgiving. That was just before the busy holiday travel season and an extended period of time which we are spending with loved ones. For those traveling and staying with loved ones it takes, on average, about three hours and 54 minutes before your family can get on your nerves.

Despite being annoyed, that same survey revealed that 95 percent of people believe that it's important to be with family during the holidays.

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