A lot of people fell in love with the Windows XP operating system, but it's now 13 years old and Microsoft will be ending support for the operating system in the coming weeks. If you have an XP 'relic' you might have just lucked out and earned $100 from Microsoft if you upgrade to Windows 8.

Microsoft is now running a deal that states that if you can verify that you are still using an XP machine and you upgrade to one of their new Windows 8 computers, they'll take $100 off the price, give you 90-days of free support, and free data transfer. (The deal is going on through June 15, 2014.) Sounds like a great deal for procrastinators.

As far as XP goes, Microsoft will stop supporting the operating system after April 8, 2014, meaning no more tech support, no more security updates, and no more security essentials.

This may be one of the few times hanging on to 'old' technology might actually pay off for some people.