There aren't too many people around Fort Collins that aren't scratching their heads over the proposed disposable bag fee, yet in about a month, it will be official.

Disposable Bag Fee, Martin Poole
Disposable Bag Fee, Martin Poole

It's a matter of global safe guarding, as its told, but with about 130 cities in the U.S adopting this way of life and only about 25% of the world, what is this really about?

In searching for answer's one would find that it is an effective way in reducing waste and lessening the negative imprint left behind by us.

An estimated 50 million disposable bags are used in Fort Collins each year

Finding way's to reduce and even limit our imprint is an important goal for Fort Collins and part of the Zero Waste Plan adopted in 2013.

In other communities where a disposable bag fee has been enforced a 50% reduction in usage has been documented.

Some concerns with the bag fee include, the convenience, the impact on low-income residents and the fact that reusable bags could create a health issue.

Here's an interesting fact, plastic grocery bags have only been around since 1977. And in case you didn't realize this, paper bags are also considered disposable and you will be charged a disposable bag fee if you use them.

The Fort Collins City Council will attack the second round of voting on this issue August 19th, 2014. There must be two recorded votes to become law. The ordinance, that will have grocers and big box stores charging up to .10 per plastic bag was first adopted by a 5-2 vote July 1, 2014. The Merchants will keep 100% of the fee, but will have to spend 50% towards making durable bags available to the community.




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