Oh happy day! Our bags are back! The Fort Collins City Council has voted to repeal the bag fee ordinance.  The council’s decision came two weeks after the city clerk confirmed that the group, Citizens For Recycling Choices, had collected at least 2,604 valid signatures to bring the issue back up to council.

May I say a quick thank you to all of the Citizens For Recycling Choices. I had promised to shop in another city if Fort Collins passed the bag fee.  Now I don't have to. I can shop in Fort Collins and not be charged a ridiculous fee for doing so.

According to the Coloradoan, the Council had two other options: to refer the ordinance to the April 7 ballot or to call a special election for it. The motion to repeal the ordinance passed on a 6-1 vote.

The bag fee ordinance was originally intended to take effect in April 2015, placing a 5-cent fee on disposable bags for all retailers. Now that won't happen.

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