Colorado's mass exodus is on, or is it? Depending on where you're at is probably the best answer to that question. Also, that's not really the case for us in Northern Colorado.

A couple of sources are showing that the rate of people moving out of the state, in particular the Denver area, is higher than it's been for quite some time.

For us here in Northern Colorado, that's not necessarily the case, especially in Weld County where the prices - while still booming - are much more reasonable than anywhere in the Denver metro and even Larimer County these days.

Check out the drastic difference in cost of living in Denver compared to Greeley.

The U.S. Census Bureau shows the Denver area and surrounding communities are the most moved out of places in the state. Kind of makes sense though - have you seen what it costs to live in Denver or any of the neighboring suburbs lately? It's insane.

HireAHelper, studied over 90,000 moves from 2021 for Colorado and it shows that about 15% more people moved out than moved in to the state.

Sure, there are people moving out of state, but it looks like more people are also fleeing a little further away from Denver to the south and up our way towards the northern reaches of the state to get some relief from the crazy housing prices in Denver.

U.S Census Bureau
U.S Census Bureau

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