One of the world's most famous train engines will be coming to Colorado this September - and you'll get the chance to see it up close and personal, thanks to the Colorado Railroad Museum.


Thomas The Tank Engine is set to pull onto Colorado Railroad Museum grounds in Golden, CO for the following three weekends: pr

  • September 10-11, 2022
  • September 17-18, 2022
  • September 25-25, 2022
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Enjoy A 'Day Out With Thomas' At The Colorado Railroad Museum

The Colorado Railroad Museum's edition of 'Day Out With Thomas' offers families the opportunity to see the #1 Engine up close and personal.

According to the museum, every purchased ticket includes an interactive train ride with a life-sized Thomas the Tank Engine.

In addition, all ticket holders will also have access to a series of activities equipped for the whole family, including:

  • Train rides (approximately 20 minutes in length) led by a full-sized, talking Thomas the Tank Engine locomotive
    • **This year’s train ride features an all-new interactive story where you’ll earn your official Travel Badge by helping Thomas**
  • Admission to select portions of the Colorado Railroad Museum with outdoor offerings and activities
  • Hands-free activities and entertainment featuring:
     Live Theatrical Entertainment:

    • Train Yard Challenge Gameshow, a Stilt-Walking Semaphore, circus performers, sing-alongs, storytelling, and more in spacious outdoor stage settings
    • Hay Bale Maze, offering plenty of room for kids to explore and play
    • Scavenger Hunt, encouraging family fun as you work together to find all of the answers and items—and collect a few special mementos to take home for more fun later.
    • Outdoor Scale Model Trains operating all day long on the Denver Garden Railway Society’s permanent on-site, landscaped G-gauge railroad
    • Push A Locomotive Around aboard a 120-year-old “armstrong” railroad turntable
      ○ Special appearance by Sir Topham Hatt, Controller of the Railway
    • Photo Opportunities throughout the event, including with Thomas himself!
    • Step-On Access to selected historic railroad cars and locomotives
    • Antique Engine Display with farm tractors plus hit-and-miss engines
Colorado Railroad Museum/Facebook
Colorado Railroad Museum/Facebook

Other offerings:

  • Snap some photos and enjoy lawn games and bubble fun in the 'Dream BIG! Corner'
  • Dream Pass keepsake booklet for every child to track their journey at the event and collect a special prize at the exit
  • Food, snacks, drinks, and treats are available on-site for purchase
  • Gift shop on-site with exclusive Thomas & Friends products only available at 'Day Out With Thomas' events
Colorado Railroad Museum/Facebook
Colorado Railroad Museum/Facebook

How + When To Purchase Tickets For A Day Out With Thomas, At The Colorado Railroad Museum

Those interested in seeing the world's most popular train engine 'Day Out With Thomas' event at the Colorado Railroad Museum will be able to purchase tickets beginning Tuesday, August 2,  2022.

Ticket prices are $25 (plus service fees) for ages 1 and up. Advanced tickets are required, as walk-up sales will not be available, according to the Colorado Railroad Museum.

For more information about the 'Day Out With Thomas' event at the Colorado Railroad Museum, visit the museum's official website here.

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