If you are a fan of Star Wars and a lover of the membership warehouse, Costco, the stars are aligning in your favor as Longmont's store will open on a perfect day.

Costco Announces Raising Minimum Wage to $16 An Hour
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According to the Longmont Times-Call, the Costco at 205 East Ken Pratt Boulevard will open on May 4. The new Costco will be a whopping 152,000-square-foot warehouse for shoppers to stock up on various goods. The Longmont Costco will have a bakery, deli, meat section, produce section, beer and wine, optical department, pharmacy, tire center, hearing aid center, and of course, a food court.

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Personally, I have a love/hate relationship with Costco. I love Costco for the deals and certain things I can get at the warehouse store. At the same time, Costco is an anxiety-inducing store. Particularly the Timnath location. The hoards of people in one place with carts feels like sheer chaos to me. I am hoping that with the opening of Costco in Longmont, that feeling subsides at the Timnath location.

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Longmont's Costco location will be the 15th warehouse store in the state of Colorado and will have approximately 220 employees. Have a Costco membership and live or work in Longmont? If you are in need of a take of gas, you can already stop by the new Costco gas station in Longmont as the gas station is already open and operational.

Source: Longmont Times-Call

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