There seems to be a love-hate relationship with electric scooters in Colorado. Some like the ease of use to get from one area of town to the other. I have used one of these scooters once and I have to say, I did enjoy being able to use it. The wind in my beard, and going all of 12 miles per hour was really exhilarating.

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The hate side of things when it comes to these scooters is totally valid. It seems as if some of the scooter users just drop them wherever they like and go on about their business. Blocking sidewalks, crosswalks, and laying on the streets. That's not what this whole scooter revolution was supposed to be about.

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Granted, there are some responsible scooter users out there, but what we are about to show you takes the cake on irresponsibility. Reddit user, u/FreshhSqueezedOJ, posted a short clip on the Denver sub-Reddit showing not one, but two people riding one of these electric scooters on Interstate 70 all the while heavy rain was coming down.

Which one of you was cruising down I-70 on a Lime scooter during zero visibility???
by u/FreshhSqueezedOJ in Denver

Not only is this extremely dangerous on a nice, sunny day, but even more so while it is raining with low visibility. To make matters even worse in this incident, the second person on the scooter appears to be a child. Clearly, a bonehead move to do this.

There have been no reports on the comment thread regarding if there was an accident involving the scooter on Interstate 70. Just so we're all clear, we will state the obvious...

Don't Ride Electric Scooters on the Interstate. Ever.

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