Police are constantly sending out warning signals to drivers in an effort to keep our roads as safe as possible - on holiday weekends, these signals are even more prominent.

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Everyone knows that cops are going to be out and about waiting to pull over irresponsible, reckless drivers, especially on a holiday weekend like Labor Day Weekend.

And, sure enough, they were.

On Sunday morning (Sept. 4), officials with Colorado's Wheat Ridge Police Department took to Twitter (@WheatRidgePD) to share this pretty alarming photo -

An unidentified driver headed eastbound on I-70 near Wadsworth Boulevard was clocked going over 130 MPH - 133 MPH, to be exact - by police.

"Frankly, it's terrifying.", the police department's tweet reads.

"We’ve got extra patrols on for the #holidayweekend traffic. Please… slow down. Value your life more than this." 

Driver Clocked Going 133 MPH On I-70 Gets Off Clean

According to KDVR, police were unsuccessful in pulling the speeding vehicle over on Sunday (Sept. 4), due to the fact that the driver was traveling at such a high rate of speed and refused to stop.

In addition, Wheat Ridge Police Department said that the vehicle did not appear to have a license plate, but they believe that the vehicle in question was either a Dodge Charger or a Dodge Challenger.

The speeding driver in this case is still at large, KDVR reported Sunday afternoon.

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In case you needed any kind of reminder to drive safe this holiday weekend (and, really, every day), let this be your reminder. Not only is speeding not worth the ticket, it isn't worth your life.

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