Even Red Robin can't stay out of trouble these days. All because of an eye roll and a whisper.

In the world of 'political correctness' comes along another group all up in arms over a harmless TV ad.  Well, I think it's harmless anyway. The ad in question is all part of a new ad campaign from the eatery and the ad only ran for a week before being rotated out which had always been the plan.  Here is the line in question that was delivered after an eye roll and the line was whispered:

We even have a Gardenburger, just in case your teenage daughter is going through a phase - TV Commercial

Some horrified vegetarians came unglued and started on the anti slam campaign.   Executive director of Our Hen House, (New York-based multimedia vegan activism organization) Jasmin Singer, said,

Though I applaud any fast food chain that offers a veggie burger, and I hope that more do, the idea that not eating animals is reserved solely for teenage girls going through a phase is obviously meant to insult both vegans and girls.

I surely don't see it that way. Any parent who has adult kids all went through the "teenage kid phase" and especially with our daughters.  I honestly don't see how anyone could have been offended by that line and be so upset. Red Robin obviously never had any intentions of what Our Hen House is accusing them of.  I think it's called tongue in cheek humor and I think someone needs to loosen up a tad!

On that note, I think I'll stop by for a nice juicy burger tonight and wash it down with a salad, maybe.

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