Who doesn't love to taste the rainbow?

Skittles have been my favorite candy since I was a kid. When I think about Skittles, I think about summers with my brother. We would stop by the corner store and pick up Skittles and Sprite before we went to the basketball courts at our elementary school.

One time, he convinced me to shove a Skittle up my nose because he made me believe it would taste better. Long story short: It didn't, and it was a very expensive doctor appointment visit.

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Skittles Ban Comes to One State


Skittles, one of the most popular candy options across the globe, will be taken off of shelves in California by 2027.

The reason is that there are four harmful chemicals in Skittles.

  • Brominated vegetable oil
  • Potassium bromate
  • Propylparaben
  • Red dye 3

These chemicals, which can be found in Skittles, will not be allowed to be on shelves. Specifically, red dye 3 is known for being linked to cancer.

Colorado Could Be the Next State to Ban Skittles


Nobody can argue that these additives are bad for you. Did we ever expect Skittles to be good for us? No. But did we expect Skittles to be linked to cancer? Absolutely not.

Other states, like us, might roll their eyes at California's new law. However, more states could follow their lead.

Colorado is a relatively health-conscious state and might ban similar ingredients.

Skittles May Also Change Their Ingredients Globally


It is important to note that you won't be arrested, or fined, or anything like that for consuming Skittles in the Golden State. They are simply making Skittles and other companies change their ingredients.

Instead of creating a specific recipe for one state, it would be wise for them to change ingredients entirely so they can avoid future issues.

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