Being a lifeguard at a local pool is a great summer job for teens. It's a job that teaches a lot about responsibility and seems like it would be a lot of fun to hang out with friends at the pool all day and get paid for it.

It's also a pretty demanding job and let's face it when people's lives are in your hands, it's a very important job and can be extremely rewarding, especially when you know you're making a difference in lives like this teen in Longmont did on what started out as a typical chill morning in Longmont.

Natalie Lucas, who's 18 years old had a life changing moment when a woman who was started going into labor while going for a swim at the YMCA in Longmont.

Tessa Rider, 9 months pregnant thought it would be nice to go for a swim when all of sudden, baby thought it would be a good idea too and decided to make its appearance to the world.


"It suddenly dawned on me we weren’t making it to the hospital and he was coming out right then and there,” Rider told Denver 7.



That's where the 18 year old lifeguard sprung into action to safely make sure Rider was out of the water and comfortable while the expectant mother officially became a mother about 5 minutes later right there at the pool.


Baby Tobin was born and introduced to the world at the YMCA in Longmont on that special day thanks to the quick thinking and great work by lifeguard Natalie Lucas.

Mother and the baby are doing well and Baby Tobin won't ever have to worry about a membership at the Y because the staff is hooking him up with a lifetime membership there.

As for lifeguard Natalie, she's heading off to college in the fall with a really cool story to tell and one that will certainly last a lifetime.


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