Poudre School District is getting the ball rolling on creating a brand new, high school sports team that will be ready to compete come the spring of 2017. The CHSAA is proud to announce that girls lacrosse is the newest addition to the organization, with a team that will be hosted by Rocky Mountain.

In order to get the word out and to recruit interested players between 9th-12th grades, Rocky Mountain High School will be hosting two four-day lacrosse camps, happening June 27-30 and July 25-28. Both of these camps will run from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., and are open to girls of all skill levels, even if she has never picked up a stick prior to this. In fact, beginners are permitted to attend these camps for free, just as a trial to see if they like it, before actually signing up to play. For those who are definitely planning on joining the team no matter what, the cost of the camp is $25 and will include a Rocky Mountain girls lacrosse shirt.

As of now, 47 teams compete in girls lacrosse in Colorado, with the new Rocky Mountain team being only the second to be formed in Northern Colorado. The closest school in our area that hosts a team is Thompson Valley in Loveland, with more than half of the girls on this roster actually being PSD students, currently having to commute pretty far for games and practices. Students from Windsor can also play for the Rocky Mountain team.

Pam Kramer, originally of Virginia, has been named the coach of Poudre School District’s first high school girls lacrosse team. Coming from the East, where lacrosse is insanely popular, Kramer is excited to help contribute to the sport's growth here in Colorado. The program is seeking referees in the area, and will help to pay for training. For more information contact Kramer at pbkramer14@gmail.com or assistant coach (and Havoc president) Laura Fletcher at laurafletcherlax17@gmail.com.

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