Windsor Police are investigating a sad and unfortunate incident that occurred recently at a youth basketball game at Power To Play Sports in Windsor.

According to the Coloradoan, a fistfight between fans and a player disrupted the ending of a club championship girls basketball game Sunday, and now, police have launched an investigation into the physical altercation.

The fight erupted after the game between the NoCo Triple Threat Basketball club team, which is made up of players from Northern Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska, and the 719 Tribe team from Colorado Springs. The teams are made up of players in their early to mid-teens.

As a parent who has always thought it would be fun to coach my son in sports, the one thing that always gives me pause is this sort of thing. It's incredible to me how some (not all) parents are simply childish and uncontrollable, so that their actions, in the long run, do nothing but harm and cause embarrassment for their child.

Michael Peterson, who is the owner of Power to Play Sports, an awesome facility in Windsor, actually said this was the first fist fight he's seen in his 31 years of being involved with youth sports. I can say that after years of going to youth sporting events and watching friends and family member's kids, unfortunately, this certainly isn't the first fistfight or shoving match I've seen or heard about.

During the game this past Sunday, a video on social media shows a player on the 719 Tribe team talking to a woman during the game, with both looking towards the end of the court where fans are seated. Eric Trujillo, coach of the 719 Tribe team, said his player told him she told her mom that a woman near the end line cussed at her while on the court.

One thing led to another, which led to pushing and shoving and eventually, fists were thrown.

According to witnesses, the mother of the female who was punched and the mother of the player both called Windsor police to report an assault had taken place. Windsor police would only say the case is under investigation.

Here's a brief look at what happened...


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