When you go to any Olive Garden in Colorado, your server will pull out a cheese grater and tell you to tell them when to stop.

It is my favorite thing when I go to Olive Garden. I will admit that I am one of those people that lets them pile the cheese. Half of my pasta ends up being cheese.

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You Can Buy Olive Garden's Famous Cheese Grater

TikTok: @jordan_the_stallion8, Canva
TikTok: @jordan_the_stallion8, Canva

Believe it or not, you can buy Olive Garden's legendary plastic cheese grater. A video on TikTok went viral recently.

A man named Jordan was beyond excited about his discovery. He went to Olive Garden and purchased a cheese grater in person.

He purchased the cheese grater, and the staff even gave him cheese to try it out.

Of course, the internet is freaking out. And reasonably so.

You Can Buy Nearly Everything in Olive Garden


One user on TikTok commented on the video and let us know she used to be an employee at Olive Garden. She claimed that one of her managers sold one of the paintings on the wall.

Here is what another employee said.

Former Olive Garden employee- they’ll sell you so much stuff. You like the sangria? They’ll sell the syrup you need and give you the recipe.


Confirmed: You Can Buy a Cheese Grater In Colorado

I called an Olive Garden in Northern Colorado to confirm if this is true or not. They let me know that you can buy a cheese grater at any Olive Garden location.

Watch the Viral Video

It seems like the video is trending across the nation. User @jordan_the_stallion simply said the word cheese grater and an employee went to the back and allowed him to purchase one.


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