An oil spill in North Fort Collins, left 150 barrels or about 6,500 gallons of oil on the ground. The spill was at a crude oil processing facility at 1229 E. County Road 54 (Douglas Road), which is owned by Prospect Energy.

Cause of Spill

According to Poudre Fire Authority, the cause of the spill was determined to be a failed pipe valve on a tank battery that was used to store the crude oil. The valve was replaced Thursday, which stopped the spill. Crude oil is piped into the facility from nearby wells.

Drinking Water is Safe

A water quality engineer with the City of Fort Collins stressed that people should know that the drinking water is totally safe at this point. Experts also believe the potential is very remote that the spill could impact surrounding wildlife or other water sources in the area. City of Fort Collins drinking water comes from the Poudre River and Horsetooth Reservoir.

Experts confirmed most of the oil was concentrated on the surface of the ground and emphasized that the public know that the oil was contained to the spill site. Crews on scene were monitoring possible impacts of the spill, including air quality.

Who Responded to the Spill

Poudre Fire Authority, Fort Collins Office of Emergency Management, Larimer County Office of Emergency Management, Larimer County Department of Health and Environment, the Environmental Protection Agency, and City of Fort Collins Environmental and Regulatory Affairs all responded to the spill.

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