I love the new CSU on-campus stadium. I do. It is beautiful. My wife and I were in the crowd when the Rams laid a butt whoopin on the Oregon State Beavers in the 1st game ever at the new Sonny Lubick Field. The new facility is an engineering marvel, but I did have a serious problem with the new digs.

The concourses are WAY too small. The game was sold out on Saturday so it was as full as it will ever be, but I don't think this is a problem that has a solution. From the time we arrived at the game, to halftime, to the end of the game, the both concourses were packed. I am talking about exceeding the weight limit in an elevator crowded. It took my wife an hour to get a beer and not just because they were under-staffed. You literally couldn't move on the concourses. Going to the bathroom was out of the question.

The bad news is I don't think it will ever get better. I don't think they left much wiggle room when they built the new structure. It is a beautiful facility and I plan on watching many Ram victories there. Honestly, I don't think there is a bad seat in the house. However, I just wish they would have given the concessions and bathroom areas a little more thought. It most definitely took away from our experience.

Did you go to the game? What was your experience? You can comment below.

Go Rams!

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