Four Colorado cities have made it onto a list of the most expensive places for renters.

While this news is disappointing, it isn't surprising — earlier this year, reported that renting in parts of the Centennial State could cost you over $2,000 a month.

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Here's what you need to know.

The most expensive city for renters in Colorado

According to new research from Dwellsy, Denver is the priciest city for renters in Colorado, with median monthly rent prices reaching $2,550 in August.

Acton Crawford // Unsplash
Acton Crawford // Unsplash

Rent in the Mile High City has increased by 45.7% since last year, making it the ninth most-expensive city for renters in the U.S.

These Colorado cities also made the list

When looking at rent costs in smaller cities, Dwellsy found that Silverthorne is the most expensive town for renters in Colorado — and, overall, the most expensive place in the U.S., regardless of size.

With an average monthly rent of $3,500 (a 22.8% increase from last year), the mountain town is even pricier than New York City.

Google Street View
Google Street View

Nationally, Boulder came in sixth place for small cities due to its 36% increase and average rent of $2,850.

At $2,730, Fort Collins landed in eighth place — its 70.6% increase also makes it the eighth city with the fastest growing rent in the country (Greeley comes in seventh for that).

What does the future look like for renters?

CEO and co-founder of Dwellsy Jonas Bordo noted that, while these numbers seem alarming, rent increases this year did slow from July to August.


"August brought welcome relief in the form of lower rent increases than we've seen in past months," he said. "Looking ahead, median rents will likely continue to stay high, but barring unforeseen circumstances, I do believe we have turned a corner and can expect a slower rate of rent increase going forward."

To ease the burden of rent, Bordo recommends being flexible with your location and considering an apartment.

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