When you think of moose in Colorado, you generally think of their habitat in the mountains. Once in a while, a random moose will make their way down to the Front Range of Colorado, but not very often.

Imagine the surprise of seeing a moose on the eastern plains of Colorado. One moose thought it would be a swell idea to wander all the way to Strasburg, Colorado. The town of Strasburg is home to approximately 3,000 Coloradans and is nearly 40 miles east of Denver on Interstate 70.

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

How Did a Moose End up in Strasburg, Colorado?

We would have to assume that the moose made the epic journey in search of food. However, since we do not speak moose, we cannot say for certain. it is not clear how the moose got there, but if the moose was taking a straight shot from the mountains and headed east, the moose would've had to walk right through the Denver Metro Area.

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Colorado Parks and Wildlife teamed up with the Colorado State Patrol of Adams County, the Adams County Sheriff's Department, and Strasburg Fire Protection District to safely get the moose into a trailer.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife Tweeted thanks to the partnering agencies that assisted in the loading of the moose saying:

Because it's hard  to lift a moose by yourself among other critical assistance.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife Officers gave the meandering moose a ride back to where it belongs... in moose habitat. Colorado Parks and Wildlife snapped a few photos of the moose, who is clearly not amused by being caught:

Source: Colorado Parks and Wildlife Twitter

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