You're used to listening to us first thing in the morning, so it probably comes as no surprise that we get up even earlier to be the fun, engaging people you love and know. Of course, we all need a little extra boost now and then, right? Maxx's go-to had been the occasional little energy shot, while A.J. has been nursing a three-cup daily coffee habit.

Both can make you feel a little jittery or anxious and disrupt your sleep, though. As Maxx put it, they can be TOO much sometimes.

But we both recently tried MUD\WTR, a coffee alternative made with cacao, chai, four adaptogenic mushrooms, and ayurvedic herbs. Everything's 100 percent USDA organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, Whole30, and Kosher, and it has about 1/7 of the caffeine as a cup of coffee. The ingredients offer other benefits, too:

  • Cacao and chai for mood and a tiny bit of caffeine
  • Lion’s mane for alertness
  • Cordyceps to help support physical performance
  • Chaga and reishi to support your immune system
  • Turmeric for soreness
  • Cinnamon for antioxidants
MUD\WTR and Townsquare Media
MUD\WTR and Townsquare Media

Rest assured, MUD\WTR tastes so much better than its name implies. AJ drinks his black (just like his coffee) and really enjoys the hint of cinnamon, while Maxx has been using the MUD\WTR's non-dairy creamer.

We're believers. AJ can see himself cutting back to just one cup of coffee a day or every other day to embrace all the benefits of MUD\WTR. Health is important to him, so he's stoked about how he feels after trying MUD\WTR.

Meanwhile, Maxx is considering making MUD\WTR a daily habit. She doesn't reach for coffee or an energy drink every morning, but knowing that MUD\WTR can help with alertness without causing anxiety or an energy crash later is enticing.

Ready to try it yourself? Visit to learn more and place an order. Everyone gets a free frother with their first order, too!

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