Between the high cost of housing and the rising interest rates, buying a home, especially for first time buyers is practically impossible and even for people currently in the market, it's a tricky time right now thanks to this mess of an economy but if you look deep enough, you can find some nice deals on homes, especially if you're looking to sacrifice on some amenities like size and location,

'm not going to include condos, townhouses, manufactured/mobile homes, 55+ communities and other things like that, I'm simply looking at single family, detached homes that are at the very least, standing with walls and a roof.

At first glance my first impression was trying to figure out if this was actually a home or just a business for sale and it turns out that I had very good reason to wonder that very thing.

This particular unique property located in Olney Springs used to be a bakery, bar, supermarket, an auto body shop and according to Property Shark at 603 Warner Avenue in Olney is now a home and it could be yours' for under $100K.

Not too shabby considering the size of this place, we're talking over 2000 square feet of living space featuring 3 beds and 3 bathrooms and plenty of room to spread out.

The home, located in Olney Springs which is in Crowley County which is about a 3.5 hour drive from Fort Collins and about 45 minutes East/Southeast of Pueblo.

Whether you or someone you know is looking to just get away for some peace and quiet or if you're looking for a fixer upper or even something to spruce up and cash in on, here is a pretty neat and unique opportunity.

The place was built back in 1910 and with its history of being all sorts of different things, I'm sure the place has stories and dare I say ghosts?

Let's take a virtual tour together.


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