I have had my share of ailments through the years as you well know if you have followed me at all. I have battled diabetes, heart attack, MRSA and other bizarre infections, depression, anxiety and panic attacks to name a few. I changed my life in the past year and have never felt better until this...a kidney stone!

I have experienced a lot of pain but this is a new one. The ache and crippling pain this little tiny bugger can cause is pretty darn intense. You need to bite a lot of bullets to cope with this one. I am going in to see the Dr. today and see if it is too big to pass or not. I thought I might check with the experts first though and see what kind of medical advice I could get from the K99 listeners. Here are a few of their home remedies.

  • "Cry"
  • "I’ve always heard to crack two tall boys of beer open and put them in the freezer...slam them right when they get slushy and then hang on.....the gases from the beer will make you pretty thirsty so you will be drinking a lot of water. Strainer is optional."
  • "Apple Cider Vinegar. ... Proponents of this home remedy recommend mixing two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with six to eight ounces of water and drinking the mixture frequently throughout the day, and especially before meal times to help dissolve kidney stones."
  • "A hammer and some fishing line"
  • "Ounce of lemon juice and a ounce of olive oil together. Drink it three times a day followed by a min. Of 12 glasses of water a day. My husband use to get them yearly. This is what his urologist would recommend. Good luck."
  • "Eats tons of watermelon."
  • "Cranberry juice and eat cucumbers they hydrate from the inside out cucumbers aid in the dissolving of the stones"
  • "Dynamite!"
  • "Cryo my husbands went away within hours"
  • "Lots of Lemon water or lemonade have a glass daily or at least a couple keeps the kidney stones away"
  • "baby section of store...pear juice!"
  • "You will need a hammer, a small straw, and a 1.75 liter of good whiskey!! No directions here!"
  • "First I am going to say this sorry to hear you arguing through this as it sucks. Drink lots of water and hope it passes. You don't want to have to have it surgically removed. The number one cause of kidney stones is caffeine. I for one love my coffee and use to get kidney stones a lot how I avoid it is for every cup of coffee I drink 4 cups of water. I am well hydrated and it keeps the stones away."
  • "I’ve heard of the directions that Mary Morris above said to use. I recommend stirring in an ounce or two of prayer or more."
  • "Heating pad will help it pass"
  • "My vet has my goat on Apple Cider for his!! Not that you're an old goat or anything!"
  • "Eat a can of asparagus and drink coke as much as u can together"

    As you can see there is plenty of advice out there. I will see my Dr. today then stop by the hardware store for a hammer and some fishing line. Wish me luck.



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