Columbines are some of the coolest flowers you can find in the state of Colorado. Every year, when we take a trip up to the mountains of an off-road excursion, I am always on the hunt to spot a patch of these flowers.

Colorado's State Flower is the Columbine

There can be many different colors of Columbine flowers. Colorado's official flower is the white and lavender colored Columbine. This flower became the official flower of the state of Colorado on April 4, 1899.

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Can you legally pick Columbines in the state of Colorado?

Yes, you can. However, it doesn't mean you should. According to Colorado Encyclopedia, the Colorado General Assembly enacted a limit on how many Columbine flowers you can pick in 1925. The 1925 law states that people can only gather or collect up to 25 buds, blossoms, or stems in one day.

Can I dig up a Columbine plant?

This action upon the Colorado state flower is illegal. You may want to have your very own Columbine plant at home, but you cannot dig up a Columbine plant. Just don't do it. There are plenty at your favorite home improvement store or nursery for you to plant at your home.


When it comes to wildflowers and wildlife in Colorado, it is always better to look or take photos rather than touch or take them. Colorado's high-elevation ecosystem is very fragile and it is just not worth the damage you could cause by plucking a flower out of nature. Additionally, wouldn't it be nice to leave the flowers where you found them so the next person passing by could enjoy them too?


Prohibited Plants in Colorado

Heads up, green thumbs!

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