Soon, using your phone while you are driving in the state of Colorado could get you into big trouble. A new law was recently signed by Governor Jared Polis to ban the usage of a handheld phone while behind the wheel.


According to the Denver Post, the new law was signed on Wednesday, June 5. Violating this new law could get you a fine, but not as a standalone offense. Senate Bill 65 bans using electronic devices while driving in Colorado and will go into effect on January 1, 2025.

Fines for Using Electronic Devices While Driving in Colorado

Penalties for this violation will not only cost you money but also points toward having your license suspended in Colorado.

  • First Offense: $75 fine and two license suspension points
  • Second Offense (within 24 months): $150 fine and three license suspension points
  • Third Offense (within 24 months): $250 fine and four license suspension points

There are a few exemptions to this law, however. Those exemptions include:

  • By an individual reporting an emergency to state or local authorities
  • By an employee or contractor of a utility when responding to a utility emergency
  • By an employee or contractor of a city or county is acting within the scope of the employee's contractor's duties as a code enforcement officer or animal protection officer
  • By a first responder
  • By an individual in a motor vehicle that is parked.
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Colorado law currently bans cellphone usage by drivers under the age of 18. Drivers over the age of 18 are currently allowed to use phones for voice calls, not texting or any other usage of the phone while driving. Violators of this new Colorado law will have to be observed breaking other traffic laws in order to be pulled over for this new upcoming law in the state of Colorado.

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