When you go anywhere in Colorado you will notice a variety of license plates everywhere.

Did you play this game? When I was a kid, my brothers and I used to play a game that if we saw a license plate from out of state, we would punch each other.

That is not exactly the best game to play, but seeing different license plates from all over the country was exciting for us. This of course was before iPads, phones, and playing video games in the car was normal.

If you live in Colorado, you know that you are going to see license plates from all over the country. Not to mention Colorado has over 200 different varieties of license plates to choose from.

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Have you noticed more cars without a license plate at all in Colorado? You are not the only one.

Missing License Plates in Colorado


Right now, Colorado law enforcement is cracking down on drivers who either have expired plates or are altering their plates to seem like they are street legal.

There is actually a giant scam where people are selling fake temporary tags.

A message board asked why law enforcement took away their friend's license plate. The user said that their friend's vehicle had expired plates and noted that it seemed extreme.

Other users quickly explained the situation. Colorado law enforcement can take away a driver's license plate depending on how expired it is.

This Is Not New

One user reported that in 1993, they had expired plates. They were pulled over. Law enforcement simply handed them a screwdriver and instructed them to remove their plates and hand them over.

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