Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc.'s 'Infants’ Tylenol' is involved in a class-action lawsuit against them for using misleading and deceiving packaging from October 3, 2014 to January 6, 2020.

This has resulted in a $6.315 million settlement and if you bought Infants' Tylenol within the past 5 years, you might be entitled to payment.

The lawsuit claims that Infants' Tylenol deceived customers by implying that Infants’ Tylenol used a special formula for babies, thus charging more for the product. However, it contains the same amount of liquid acetaminophen as Children’s Tylenol. As a result, the lawsuit claims parents overpaid for the medication.

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit claim that the Infants’ Tylenol packaging (the text “Infants” and a picture of a mother holding her baby) deceives consumers into believing Infants’ Tylenol is unique/ specially formulated for infants, when the bottle contains liquid acetaminophen of the same concentration in Children’s Tylenol, and therefore causes consumers to overpay for Infants’ Tylenol.

-Elkies v. Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc. Settlement

Eligibility for settlement payment requires that the product was bought between Oct. 3, 2014 and Jan. 6, 2020.

Your claim must be filed by April 13, 2020. Learn more here. You can find the claim form here.

Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. denies allegations of deception.

Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. ("JJCI") denies all the plaintiffs’ allegations of deception and asserts that the safety features of Infants’ Tylenol, especially the accompanying syringe for safe dosing of very young children, means Infants’ and Children’s are different products.

-Elkies v. Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc. Settlement

Anyone who bought Infants' Tylenol can claim a maximum of 7 bottles or $15.05 without proof of purchase.

As part of the settlement, Johnson & Johnson will "use reasonably diligent efforts to modify the packaging of Infants’ Tylenol" and clearly state that "the liquid medicine within the bottles of both Infants’ Tylenol and Children’s Tylenol contains the same concentration of liquid acetaminophen."

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