I'm certain people are going to be excited about this news as people on the Western Slope were requesting just last week to have more flights from Grand Junction to Denver. That was when we told you about Avelo Airlines based out of California adding some $19 flight options this summer to their Burbank destination from Grand Junction  According to KKCO, that is going to happen thanks to Frontier Airlines returning to Grand Junction to schedule flights beginning in June.

The last time that Frontier Airlines had scheduled flights out of Grand Junction was back in 2009, and Grand Junction travelers are excited about the additional flight options.

How Much Will the New Frontier Airlines Flights from Grand Junction to Denver Cost?

Obviously, flight prices will fluctuate especially as the first few weeks of flights get filled up. But flights are priced as low as $19 just like the flights to California so make sure you keep a close eye on those ticket prices so you can take advantage of the savings when they are available.

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Yes, You Can Expect Baggage Fees With Frontier Airlines

While we all will love the cheap flights at just $19 when we notice them available but if you like to bring everything with you when you travel know that there are baggage fees you will be paying. According to the Frontier Airlines website, the first checked bag will cost you between $30-$50. Carry on luggage is $14-$39, Second checked bag is $45-55, and third, checked bag is $45-$55. So plan your wardrobe accordingly.

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