You probably only need one guess to nail this one.

Although I don't typically enjoy the heat that summer brings, I do love the treats that it brings. Like ice cream! Ok, who am I kidding? I love ice cream at any time of year in any temperature.

There are so many flavors of ice cream out there and depending on where you live, there are certain flavors that are staples on the menu at the parlor. These flavors are typically reminiscent of the state itself. They also tend to be favorites of the locals.

So what is Colorado scooping onto that cone?

According to Taste of Homes, The Most Iconic Ice Cream Flavor in Every State list puts Root Beer Float at the top. Since Coloradoan Frank J. Wisner was the inventer of the root beer float, taking those iconic flavors and putting them into its own ice cream is genius! Want to really go for it? Scoop root beer flavored ice cream into your actual root beer for the rootiest root beer float ever! Or just dump it in actual beer...

What's your favorite flavor?

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