Another snowstorm is on the way to Colorado, so you better have your shovels ready. Starting Friday night, it looks like the snow will start to fall along the Front Range of Northern Colorado and continue through Saturday. According to the National Weather Service in Denver, we could see one to three inches Friday night.

Snow will continue into Saturday evening with a chance of perception in the daytime hours at 80 percent. is calling for one to four inches of snow on Saturday in the Northern Colorado region.

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College of Dupage's weather forecasting system appears to have approximately six inches of snow accumulating from this storm at the Larimer and Weld County border.

College of DuPage
College of DuPage

Friday's high temperature is expected to be around 45 degrees and an overnight low of 25 degrees. Saturday's expected high hovers right around the freezing point at 33 degrees with a low of 12 degrees. Make sure you stay warm during this winter storm and give yourself plenty of time to get where you are going. You never can tell how the roads are going to be. Especially when it comes to Mother Nature.


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