When you or a loved one is dealing with a health scare, you want to have the best care available. There are so many great nurses, doctors, and hospital workers in Colorado. In fact, Colorado ranked 13th in terms of healthcare quality.

Healthcare in Colorado is superior to most states. However, there are still places that we avoid based on reputation and our personal experiences.

Have you ever been to a doctor and said to yourself, "Well, there's no way I am going back there"?

I certainly have.

Colorado Hospitals Ranked


Colorado hospitals are generally great. Hospital Safety Grade is a great resource for finding the best care. 16 hospitals were rated as an A. 11 hospitals were rated as a B, and 15 hospitals were rated as a C.

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There were no hospitals in Colorado that were rated as an F. However, there is a clear answer where the worst hospital in Colorado is.

Here Is the Hospital That Struggles the Most

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Parkview Medical Center in Pueblo was rated the worst hospital in Colorado. According to the safety rating, communication with the doctors, nurses, and hospital staff is difficult.

Additionally, Parkview performs worse than average at safe medication administration and handwashing.

There are also high rates of issues with surgery. There are high rates of surgical wounds that split open as well as blood leakage.

Finally, there is a higher rate of MRSA and C. diff infections. There are other categories as well, however this hospital declined to report to Hospital Safety Grade.

You can look at the full report here.

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