How hot was it in the month of August in Fort Collins?

Could you have fried an egg on the sidewalk?

Maybe baked a dozen cookies in your car?

You probably could've done that and more, because according to the Colorado Climate Center the month of August was the sixth warmest on record in the city.

According to the Coloradoan, the average high last month was 87.6 degrees which is 3.6 degrees warmer than usual. Temperatures have also hit or surpassed 90 degrees in the city 28 days so far this year. The average amount of 90 degree days by this time should be around 19.

When was the hottest day in August? That mark occurred on August 15th when it was 96 degrees which was a tie of a record from 1892.

However, while it was dry in the month of August, Fort Collins is still in the midst of the 22nd wettest year in history. More than 17 inches of rainfall has been recorded since January 1st.