It’s essential to stay on top of any issues your vehicle may be facing. General maintenance is expected but recalls can be a major pain.

This is especially true in Colorado. Our cars take more of a beating because of extreme weather and terrain. The high altitude can cause problems for your car as well, such as power loss.

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My car had a recall earlier this year because a TikTok trend showed how easy it was to steal a Hyundai Elantra. I spent an entire day at the dealership. While it was incredibly annoying, I was relieved that my car was safe.

Just last year, nearly 1,000 different vehicles had a recall and over 30 million Americans had to trek to their dealership and go through the same process I did.

Common Colorado Vehicle is Recalled


CBS News reports that over 300,000 Honda vehicles are being recalled because of a missing piece in the front seat beat.

According to CBS, a rivet is missing and could cause drivers and passengers major injuries if they crash.

According to notices released earlier this week from Honda and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the pretensioners may be missing the rivet that secures the quick connector and wire plate. - The Hill

2023-2024 Honda Accord and HR-V's have been recalled. If you drive one of these vehicles, you need to contact your dealership immediately to schedule an appointment.

When Official Notices Will Go Out


Honda first realized that the missing piece was an issue in September and started investigating. The official notice will go out on January 8, 2024. The official letter will be sent to your home, but you may have already received an email.

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