When you think of Colorado, you really don't think about bridges. Colorado is known for its tall mountains, its amazing wildlife, and world-class skiing, but not bridges. One of the most iconic bridges in the United States is in California. The Golden Gate Bridge. I have driven over it a couple of times and it was a tad nerve-wracking, to say the least. The trip was also pretty expensive too. In 2024, it costs at least $8.75 to cross the bridge that connects Sausalito to San Fransisco. If you are in the San Fransisco area, it is surely one of those things that you simply must do.

It might surprise you to know that the Golden Gate Bridge in California isn't even in the top 10 tallest bridges in the United States. It's not even close. The Golden Gate Bridge is more than four times shorter than the tallest bridge in the United States.


The Tallest Bridge in the United States is in Colorado

While the tallest bridge in the United States may not be used as an artery to get from one city to another, many people flock to this bridge annually to walk across it. Sitting 955 feet above the Arkansas River in Southern Colorado is the tallest bridge in the United States.

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The Royal Gorge Bridge was built in 1929 and has always been a tourist attraction. This means there has always been a fee to cross the tallest bridge in the United States. Tickets to walk across the Royal Gorge Bridge and to gain access to the park cost $29 for adults and $24 for children ages 3 to 11. If you would like to walk across the tallest bridge in the United States, you will have to take a trip to Canon City, Colorado, and visit the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park. More information can be found at royalgorgebridge.com.

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