Mt Everest is the mecca of all hikers and climbers who seek out summits. Back in my "glory days" that was always something I looked toward but even in my "best of shape days" it was something that I knew was a stretch because of its location (Nepal) and its height which stands at 29,043 feet.

So's about cruising altitude while you're on a flight. That's why it's so impressive to me for the men and women that do this and I have so much respect for them for their fortitude and bravery.

Recently, a Colorado man made some history on his summit with this climbing crew, who just so happened to be the first all black climbing crew to summit the monster summit.

Eddie Taylor, a science teacher and track coach at Centaurus High School in Lafayette was part of the first all black team in history to hit that Everest summit and we couldn't be more proud of him.

Out of all of the team members, three of them were from Colorado, Eddie Taylor, crew lead Phillip Henderson and Thomas Moore all represented our state beautifully.


YouTube/Denver 7


5,788 people have summited Mt Everest, well you can go ahead and add this crew to the list now too.

If you've ever wondered what it looked like taking those final steps to the summit of the tallest mountain in the world, here you go.


YouTube/Elia Saikaly

To say that's impressive is the understatement of the year. I'll hit our Colorado 14'ers all day but that Everest summit is just something that is next level and props to all that have done it or are planning to do it.

Well done and congratulations again to Coloradan Eddie Taylor and the rest of his crew on their record setting climb.


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