He lives in Denver, and is a skilled contractor out to help folks who've gotten into sticky situations with their contractors during renovations. It's "Rico to the Rescue," and HGTV is getting set to start filming season 2.

He gets in there to help you get to the bottom of what's going wrong with your renovation, not only mediating between you two, but getting his hands dirty as well. This is great opportunity for the right situation; and you get to be on HGTV.


This sounds like a great show: You and your contractor are not on the same page, (maybe he's not even near the book,) about what's going on with your renovation. Rico has the experience and know-how to get things back on track; and he lives in Denver, Colorado. Season one is currently airing on HGTV, and they are getting set to help someone in the "greater Denver" area for season two.

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Back, about 15 years ago, I used to watch a lot of "Holmes on Homes," where Mike Holmes and his team would come in and fix things that never should have happened when it came to how a home was constructed. This "Rico to the Rescue" kind of reminds me of that. He seems like a great guy, who's built up a very nice little life for himself, from the ground up. It seems he doesn't need the fame or fortune, he just wants to help.



To get an idea, check out the synopsis of Episode 1 from Season One:

A family's plan to renovate a ranch property into a modern farmhouse turns into a nightmare with a lengthy legal process against their failed contractor. Now, Rico and his team arrive and propose a solution to see their home to a long overdue completion.

So, currently, HGTV is looking for which homeowner will be the focus of Season Two.

Could this be the HGTV show for you?

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