I have been in love with women since a very young age. I remember being smitten by Ann Margret as a little boy and then growing up my walls were plastered with Linda Ronstadt, Farrah, The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, Linda Carter as Wonder Woman and Jaclyn Smith. I was surrounded by beautiful women all the time but here was one that was extra special to me.

I was teenage boy when I fell in love and lust with Tanya Tucker. I can still picture that leather outfit she wore on the “TNT” album cover. My love affair continued through my adult years where I referred to her as “my lovely ex-wife” the first several years I was on the air and pretended that I was once married to her. If I were to list my all time favorite female country singers, I can honestly say that Tanya would be on top of my list. There would be no Miranda’s now if there wasn’t a Tanya Tucker then. She was a sexy fireball with a great voice, fierce attitude and great songs.

Today one of my first true loves and crushes turns 59 so I put together a few of my favorites. Happy Birthday Tanya….still love you.

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