Severe storms that could produce an odd type of hail could be possible Wednesday afternoon in portions of Northern Colorado according to Reed Timmer. Sure, hail isn't anything out of the normal range of weather in the area this time of year.

However, one type of hail dubbed "Gorilla Hail" is not all that common. Gorilla Hail could be possible in the southeast part of Wyoming, the western panhandle of Nebraska, and the extreme northeastern portion of Colorado.

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What is Gorilla Hail?

Gorilla hail is not as big as a gorilla, but it is unusually large. Reed Timmer, Extreme Meteorologist, came up with the term for the hailstones. Here is a video of Reed Timmer in a storm that is producing gorilla hailstones and the documentation of the damage they can produce.

Along with the possibility of Gorilla Hail in the areas of Northern Colorado, Nebraska panhandle, and southeast Wyoming, there could also be a possibility for isolated tornadoes and mothership supercells.

If you happen to be in any of these areas, be sure to stay safe and take cover if a tornado or gorilla hail is in the area.

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