One of America's most unique theme parks is located right here in Colorado. I was looking for new things to do around Colorado on TikTok, and I discovered a theme park that I was unaware of before: Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park.

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What A Mountain Top Theme Park Is

Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, located in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, is a theme park for anybody who loves the outdoors. Their roller coasters, swings, and other attractions are not for the faint of heart. All of their attractions use its natural landscape as part of the ride.

You bob and weave through mountains, drop over cliffs, and scream with Colorado mountains in the background. It looks epic. And also a nightmare if you are scared of heights.

One of their rollercoasters, Defiance, is only a minute long but takes you through a 110-foot fall through nature.

This seems like a bucket list destination for anybody who loves the thrill of a roller coaster.

You are also able to explore caves.

Go At Your Own Risk

These attractions can be dangerous, and you need to sign a waiver before riding most of the attractions.

Yes , a must be signed prior to riding or participating in the Alpine Coaster, Cliffhanger Coaster, Glenwood Canyon Flyer, Giant Canyon Swing, Climbing Wall, Soaring Eagle Zip Ride, Wild West Adventure Wagon, Laser Tag, Sluice Box, Mine Wheel ride, Giddy Up, Speleobox Cave Simulator, Wild West Express coaster and 4D Motion Theater.  - Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park.



Step Food Into Your Favorite Western Movie

When you are off the rides, it looks like you are dropped in a classic western starring Clint Eastwood. There are also a ton of fun restaurants, shops, and museums to explore.

Some of the rides are also available during the winter months.

Virtual Tour: Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park

Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park is one of the most unique amusement parks ever built.

Gallery Credit: Nate Wilde

The Haunted Mine Drop at Glenwood Caverns

Check out one of the popular attractions at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park by flipping through this photo gallery featuring the Haunted Mine Drop.

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