There will never be another George Strait. No one will ever have the kind of sustained chart, touring, and sales success as George Strait has had. He is one of those once in a lifetime artists. You can look up 'This Day in Country Music History' any day of the week and find that is the anniversary of something spectacular George Strait has done. Today is no exception.

It was on this date back in 1982 that George did something he had never done before but he would go on to do another 59 times...he had a number one hit. It was his fourth single that would be the on to finally find it's way to the top of the heap. He had released "Unwound" and "If You're Thinking You Want a Stranger" that had both gone top ten and "Down and Out" was a Top 20 hit but "Fool Hearted Memory" was the one that took George to the pinnacle where he would find a home for decades to come.

Here is that history making number one hit from 35 years ago.

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