A park has been closed in Colorado after four dogs that recently visited the park with their owners died. The park located in Parker, Colorado has been closed since May 26 according to KDVR.

Douglas County Public Health Department and the Newlin Meadows Homeowner's Association shuttered access to Newlin Meadows Park. Douglas County Public Health and Newlin Meadows HOA have been working together to find the cause of death. The investigation looked for a naturally occurring substances as well as man-made substances that could be the cause inside of the park.

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Currently, Douglas County Public Health Department has not found anything that could have led to the death of four dogs in the park. All four dogs died shortly after playing in the park. The Newlin Meadows Homeowner's Association has not given an estimated time when the park could reopen.

Hearing the news of these dogs passing is so incredibly sad. Being a pet owner myself, I cannot begin to understand how terrible it would be to suddenly lose your pup so suddenly like this. My thoughts are with the owners of the dogs and so incredibly sorry that your family has to go through something like this.

Source: KDVR

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